Webinar - ChatGPT
and Other Generative
AI Technologies:

Opportunities, Challenges, and Risks for Business Applications


of the Risks of Generative AI in Your Business

This webinar was designed with a particular focus on executives and business stakeholders in the financial and healthcare sectors.

However, we  also discussed about Applications/Vulnerabilities in Business & Data Management Processes.


We took some specific examples from Healthcare and Finance 
as these are the most regulated industries vulnerable to these Generative AI technologies

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Valuable insights

into how businesses can leverage AI technologies for benefit while being mindful of potential risks.

Case studies

of successful applications of Generative AI technology in different domains.


10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EEST on 9th June 2023
  • Introduction of the webinar and participants & Housekeeping
  • Introduction to Generative AI technology & Capabilities
    • Case studies

      Explore Successful Applications of Generative AI Technology Across Multiple Domains:

      Discover how to integrate GenAI (AutoGPT, etc.) into Business Processes with our case studies of successful applications of Generative AI technology. Our expert speakers will highlight how Generative AI can be used in various domains, including the financial sector, healthcare, and data economy & regulations.

  • Q&A session 
Jaakko Mattila


Partner, Senior Advisor

Data Design


Jaakko works as an AI and data strategy and data management advisor at Data Design.

Jaakko has two decades of experience working with data strategy and data governance in consulting, manufacturing & process industry, high-tech companies, and the media and public sector.

Jaakko is a CIPP/E certified data governance expert, who specializes in developing fair and sustainable AI and data management practices.

Vikas Garg


Co-Founder & Chief Scientist


Professor of AI/ML at Aalto University and FCAI and co-Lead of the Quantum Software & Algorithms group
PhD in EECS from MIT (also, BP Technologies Ventures and Energy Fellow, and member of ML for Pharmaceutical Discovery & Synthesis Consortium with major biopharma companies)
Two decades of AI/ML research, engineering, and leadership (including work on Smarter Cities, Sustainable Solutions & Wireless Analytics at IBM Research, Edge Computing & IoT at Microsoft Research Redmond, Supply Chain Dynamics at Indian School of Business, and Recommender Systems for e-Commerce at Amazon Palo Alto).

Tamar Pichkhadze





Master of Finance from MIT (No. 1 ranked program globally)
10+ years experience at leading corporates, startups, and organizations
(including State Street Associates, Ministry of Finance Israel, World Bank, SATEC)
Convocation speaker at MIT & recipient of the prestigious Milken Fellowship.

Patrik Halford


Vice President, Digital Industries


Leading Spinverse’s Digital Industries team from across 14 nationalities in Defense, Electronics, AI, Healthtech and Smart Cities/Mobility, helping to accelerate the commercialisation of R&D across the EU.

An expert at Singularity Group, and a startup mentor at European accelerators, as well as an advisor to Nordic Space & Healthtech VCs. Advisory Boards for drone, AR and space startups.

A frequent technology and business conference moderator, and interviewer of global CXOs across industries addressing their business and technological agendas. Guest business writer The Copenhagen Post. Published author of 2 fiction novels.

Gaurav Khullar


Partner, Senior Advisor

Data Design


More than 20+ year industry background in data and AI strategy with experience at companies like Microsoft, Accenture, Nokia, Digital Workforce Services, Silo AI.
Widely known for having a technical understanding of software, data and AI, strategic planning abilities, & experience in consulting towards C-suite and senior management.
Involved with AI-related technologies for over 12 years, covering machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, computer vision etc.
Developed AI teams, conceptualized, developed, and commercialized numerous business-critical AI solutions.
Leadership roles in many organizations e.g. CTO of Digital Workforce Services, and a Principal Consultant at Silo AI.

Learn from Experts

Our expert panel of speakers includes seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field of Generative AI technology.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

make informed decisions about how to leverage AI technologies for the benefit of your business.

Take part

in our Q&A session to have your questions answered by our expert panelists.


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