Get started with Generative AI​

Are you finding it challenging to pinpoint key areas in your organization where Generative AI could drive transformative change and unlock new opportunities?

GenAI goes well beyond simple tasks like tweaking marketing copy with ChatGPT or creating visuals via Midjourney. It’s a boardroom asset for strategic forecasting, risk mitigation, and agile decision-making. GenAI refines customer experience algorithms, streamlines supply chain logistics, and even automates complex decisions, all while aligning with ethical norms. Interested in unlocking its full potential?

What is a GenAI Accelerator?

Designed for enterprises of all sizes, the GenAI Accelerator demystifies generative AI in a business context. It transforms potential questions into tangible business opportunities through engaging, interactive, expert-led sessions.

What awaits you in our training and workshops?

Embark on a five-day transformative journey into the world of generative AI.

Data and AI Accelerator Photo from past accelerator programs.

GenAI Accelerator Contents

Each cohort will follow the following journey over a 1 month long program.


Leveraging GenAI in Business


Unlocking GenAI Opportunities


GenAI Use Cases


Understanding GenAI Risks


Strategizing GenAI Deployment

Learning by Doing

Each day, we will engage in interactive exercises designed to help you experiment GenAI technologies and identify GenAI use cases and develop comprehensive implementation plans for them. We will collaborate on the Miro online platform, utilizing expertly crafted templates for a seamless experience.

Daily Breakdown

Incoming GenAI Accelerators

We organize open GenAI Accelerators for a select group of companies. Experience has shown that learning alongside peer organizations in a collaborative setting accelerates understanding, fosters innovation, and often results in more effective implementation of data and AI initiatives.


You have the option to join one of our upcoming open GenAI Accelerators or contact us to arrange a customized GenAI Accelerator tailored to your company’s needs.

GenAI Accelerator
29 January 2024

GenAI Accelerator (Winter 2024)

Helsinki / Hybrid

The GenAI Accelerator is a meticulously designed, five-week program that equips your teams with the essential skills, frameworks, and insights

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