Data and AI Feasibility & Gap Analysis

Evaluate Tech, Organization, and Process to Identify Required Capabilities

What is Data and AI Feasibility & Capability Gap Analysis?

Our Data and AI Feasibility & Gap Analysis service offering focuses on evaluating the feasibility of your proposed opportunities from technology, organization, and process perspectives. 



We meticulously analyze your current capabilities, identify gaps, and recommend additional resources needed to successfully execute your data-driven initiatives.



This comprehensive assessment ensures that your organization is well-equipped to embark on the digital transformation journey and maximize the benefits of AI and data technologies.



Targeted Companies


Our service caters to a diverse range of companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations, who have identified their AI or Data-driven  opportunities or use cases.



We tailor our approach to suit each organization’s unique needs and maturity level, ensuring optimal results and value creation.


Our Process

The roadmap development process may follow a top-down or a bottom-up approach depending on the case.


Current State Analysis

Evaluate your organization’s existing capabilities, including technology, data, processes, and skill sets, to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.


Feasibility Analysis

Assess the feasibility of the proposed use cases, taking into consideration technology, organization, and process perspectives.


Gap Identification

Analyze the gathered information to identify gaps between your current capabilities and the desired state for successful execution of your data-driven roadmap.



Develop actionable recommendations to address identified gaps and prioritize them based on the potential impact, resource requirements, and alignment with your organization’s goals.


Implementation Plan

Create an implementation plan, including resource requirements, timelines, and milestones, to help your organization effectively monitor progress and achieve its data-driven objectives.

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