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What can we help you achieve today?

We guide companies in leveraging data and AI, identifying prime opportunities, developing robust data & AI strategies,
and shifting to models that center on data and AI. All of these are anchored by reliable data governance.

Accelerate Your Business Transformation

Unlock data, AI innovation, and governance excellence through our specialized accelerator programs.

Data & AI Accelerator


What are the Data and AI opportunities in my business?

In just five days, we equip your teams with essential data and AI fundamentals while building an AI innovation portfolio. We simplify the world of Data and AI, turning potential challenges into tangible business opportunities through engaging, expert-led sessions.

5 workshops, 1-2 months

GenAI Accelerator


How we could benefit from Generative AI?

Unlock GenAI’s transformative potential! We can help to demystify generative AI in a business context. Dive into expert-led sessions, master key GenAI skills, and develop ethical, robust use cases. Create a strategic deployment roadmap for aligning GenAI with your business vision.

5 workshops, 1-2 months

Data Governance Accelerator


How to get started with Data Governance?

Overwhelmed by Data Governance? Dive into our expert-led training and workshops. We equip you with tools to control your data, implement a governance framework, set policies, address development gaps, and understand optimal data architecture, all through hands-on learning.

5 workshops, 1-2 months

Maximize Data & AI for Your Business

Our Data & AI Consulting services transform challenges and opportunities into actionable plans. Additionally, we integrate data and AI into operations, streamlining structures and processes. Together, we’ll execute your strategic vision efficiently.

Data & AI Strategy


How to align Data and AI with business strategy?

Data & AI Strategy is the game plan for leveraging data and AI in the business, ensuring alignment with company objectives and maximizing competitive advantage. Learn more about how to effectively implement and capitalize on this strategy in your organization.

2-6 months program

Data & AI Operating Model


How to integrate data & AI into daily operations?

The operating model integrates data and AI into your daily operations, guiding collaboration to execute your strategy. We will optimize your organizational structures, talent strategies, and processes, laying a solid foundation for seamless data and AI management and collaboration.

2-6 months program

Establish a gold standard for data and AI integration in your operations. We offer tools for data control, management policies, and architecture insights, while emphasizing AI transparency, explainability, and compliance.

Data Quality Audit & Compass


What are the unseen risks and opportunities in our current data landscape?

Navigate your data with precision. We pinpoint data quality issues, assess business and tech architectures, and provide a clear roadmap for improvement, ensuring AI clarity and adherence to organizational standards.

2-3 months well structured project

Data & AI Governance Model


How do we ensure transparency and compliance in data and AI management?

The model establishes rules and processes for handling data, ensuring AI transparency and explainability, assigns data ownership roles, maintains data quality, and ensures compliance with set standards and policies within an organization.

2-6 months program

Bring the Data & AI Strategies to Life

Achieve your Data and AI projects with confidence and trust through our Management and Leadership Services, ensuring your business impact aligns with your plans.

Data & AI Project Management


Looking for experienced project manager?

We enable confident execution of Data and AI projects, aligning with your business goals. Offering expert guidance, customized methods, and best practices, we help manage project aspects, letting you focus on strategic aims while we look over the delivery and implementation.

6-12 months, 0.5 – 1 FTE

Interim Chief Data / Digital Officer


How can I ensure navigation and guidance during my company's digital transformation journey?

Rely on Data Design’s seasoned professionals with the expertise to guide your company’s digital transformation. In our fast-digitizing world, we skillfully navigate data challenges, ensuring your business adapts and excels, supported by unmatched guidance.

1-2 years, 0.5 – 1 FTE

Select our standardized offering or explore other tailored offerings 

designed to meet your specific business needs



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