WHOLESALE Company WILL Boost ITS Revenue 65% Through Inventory OptimizatioN

A leading wholesale company engaged in Data Design to help address a critical business challenge eroding its revenue and customer trust: frequent inventory stockouts across all product categories and warehouses in their primary market.

The Challenge

The persistent stockouts resulted in lost sales as frustrated customers turned to competitors who could meet their needs. The wholesaler knew it needed to take action to recapture this lost revenue and strengthen its market position.

The Solution

As part of Data Design’s Business Insight services, we worked closely with the wholesale company to develop and implement a comprehensive solution to this inventory management problem. 


We recommended a two-pronged approach consisting of a value-driven inventory management system and a Theory of Constraints (ToC)-based replenishment model. To minimize stockouts, we helped the client to optimize its stock levels to align with customer demand, ensuring the right products were available at the right time.

Business Impact

The business impact of this inventory optimization solution was significant and far-reaching. Most importantly, as per to our analysis, it will enable the wholesaler to capture up to 65% of revenue previously lost due to stockouts.

Capture up to % of revenue previously lost due to stockouts

A closer examination of the high-demand and low-demand product categories revealed potential revenue increases of 75% and 54%, respectively, by ensuring product availability during peak and off-peak selling seasons.

Revenue increase during peak seasons
Revenue increase during off-selling seasons

Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency also will be vastly improved as the new replenishment model will allow the client to be much more agile and responsive to fluctuations in demand. 


Tailoring the replenishment cycle to seasonal trends will reduce the frequency and duration of disruptive stockouts. At the same time, overall inventory costs will be kept in check by optimizing stock levels without building up excess inventory, thereby maximizing existing warehouse capacity utilization and revenue potential.

Customer Satisfaction and Market Position

By minimizing lost sales and improving operational execution, the client will boost customer satisfaction and elevated its standing in the market compared to competitors. 


Clients will began to view the company as a more reliable supplier that could consistently meet their needs. This enhanced perception translated into concrete market share gains.


Ultimately, Data Design’s partnership with the wholesaler on this inventory optimization initiative perfectly illustrates how strategic, data-driven business consulting can drive meaningful business results for its clients.


By tackling the core problem of stockouts, Data Design enabled the client to unlock significant revenue growth, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen its competitive position – all without letting inventory costs spiral out of control. The success of this project demonstrates our ability to deliver powerful insights and tangible value to help our clients navigate today’s demanding business environment.


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A leading wholesale company


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