Navigating the Carve-Out: A Data Strategy for a Nordic Logistics Group

The data strategy project played a crucial role in the Nordic logistics group’s separation process, leveraging data and modern technologies to ensure a successful carve-out and enable the subsidiary to operate independently. By developing a future-proof data architecture, the project facilitated the company’s adaptation to evolving technology and market conditions, positioning them for long-term growth and success.

Starting Point

A Nordic logistics group was in the process of separating its subsidiary from the parent company and needed to prepare for the impending carve-out. They recognized the need to enhance their information management practices and architecture in order to better utilize data and tacit knowledge, which were identified as critical success factors.

Data Strategy Project

To address these needs, we initiated a comprehensive data strategy project aimed at ensuring

the continuity of current operations and preparing the subsidiary for a successful carve-out. The project focused on identifying business-critical and essential data assets (both internal and external), outlining key information requirements, and pinpointing business development opportunities arising from data and modern technologies. 

Additionally, we assisted the company in defining future data architecture requirements and identifying the necessary skills and competencies for optimal performance.

By adequately preparing for the carve-out, the subsidiary is positioned to operate independently and thrive in the market without relying on the parent company’s resources and support.

Business Benefits

The data strategy project delivered significant business benefits, paving the way for long-term success and growth.


5 months


Large Nordic Logistics Group


Finance, Procurement, Logistics, Operations



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