Leveraging AI to Drive Innovation in Measurement Technology

Data Design’s comprehensive AI accelerator program enabled a leading measurement technology company to unlock the potential of AI, generating 15 qualified business cases and an estimated €100M+ in new revenue from AI-enhanced product capabilities. By equipping over 400 employees with AI knowledge, our program significantly improved the client’s approach to product development and innovation.

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A frontrunner in the measurement technology industry sought to harness the power of AI within their organization. Our three-month AI accelerator program educated over 400 employees on AI fundamentals and equipped product and business professionals with practical ideation methodologies, resulting in 15 qualified business cases for AI integration and an estimated 100M€+ in new revenue from AI-enhanced product capabilities in the years ahead.


The client aimed to understand the value of AI and identify opportunities for customer-facing AI products across their organization. To address this, we designed and implemented a three-month AI transformation program consisting of three tracks:


Upon completing our AI accelerator program, the client acquired a thorough understanding of AI and its potential influence on their organization. They are now well-prepared to identify and capitalize on AI-driven opportunities for their future products.


The program cultivated a culture of innovation by imparting practical skills and knowledge to their team, empowering them to refine existing products and create new, competitive offerings in the market.


3 months


A Global Leader in Weather, Environmental, and Industrial Measurements


Research and Development


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