Utilizing Data and AI to Achieve Digital Growth Goals

Data Design assisted Viestimedia in crafting a data strategy to expedite digital growth and enhance the customer experience. This collaboration birthed a business-centric development roadmap that underpins Viestimedia’s ambitious growth plans and provides a competitive edge essential for building a sustainable enterprise.

Data Design's Support in Leveraging Data for Viestimedia's Digital Growth

Viestimedia, a front-runner in Finland’s agricultural, forestry, and housing content production, engaged Data Design to formulate a data strategy to accomplish its digital growth targets.


Cooperatively, we shaped a sweeping data strategy, pinpointing vital use cases and quick-win opportunities, empowering Viestimedia to fortify customer relations, boost profitability, enrich customer experience, and establish a competitive edge to cultivate a lasting business.

We desired a thorough understanding of how data and AI could bolster our business goals and furnish our customers with superior, timely content. Data Design's seasoned experts were chosen to spark diverse teams into exploring opportunities and collectively envisaging Viestimedia's future through data and AI.

The swift delivery of a robust development plan that supported organization-wide transformation was warmly received at all levels. Data Design’s ability to demystify complex issues and aid the transformation process is exceptional.

Digital Growth: Challenges and Solutions

In the ever-evolving media landscape, digitization and content consumption through digital channels have led to significant shifts. With rising print media costs, evolving distribution, diminishing farms, and the drift towards digital services, Viestimedia needed a data strategy aligning with their future vision and corporate business strategy.


During workshops with Viestimedia, we identified tens of impactful use cases and five value creation areas for maximum benefits. We customized metrics using the OKR model, making development work quantifiable and manageable.


We uncovered discrepancies in the customer data’s completeness and detail, which were essential for understanding customer needs and behaviors. A comprehensive plan was devised to rectify these gaps, ensuring the future optimal use of data, systems, and knowledge assets. Viestimedia will progressively build on these use cases, adhering to the roadmap established in the data strategy.

The main products of Viestilehti include the newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, the magazines Koneviesti and Aarre, and the online service

Leveraging Data to Achieve Digital Growth

The project saw the creation of a data strategy for Viestimedia, tailored to amplify growth objectives regarding customer experience, content and media sales, and content creation.


In the data strategy, pivotal use cases were discerned and prioritized to enhance customer relations, profitability, and competitive positioning, laying a foundation for future success. Quick wins were identified to allow Viestimedia an agile commencement in utilizing data.

Business-Driven Development Roadmap

The result of the project was a business-aligned development roadmap that made data advancement transparent, detailing value creation areas, use cases, and their implementation stages. The roadmap was designed for the ensuing three years, segmented by value creation areas and diverse development projects.

Capability Development Roadmap

Simultaneously, we executed a capability development roadmap to facilitate the enhancement of data warehouses, data platform architecture, roles, and data governance.


Data analytics and AI-powered content production are pivotal to Viestimedia’s digital growth, enabling targeted content creation, improved customer experience, and increased sales opportunities.


Viestimedia’s data strategy project exemplifies a success story where data and AI are harnessed to meet future digital growth objectives. Data Design’s proficiency, coupled with Viestimedia’s dedication, fostered a data-driven blueprint that buttresses the organization’s strategic evolution.


The leadership team and board of directors expressed satisfaction with the plan and the quality of the materials, demonstrating readiness to invest in the outlined development regions.

Our collaboration with Viestimedia reveals the company’s commitment to utilizing data innovatively and effectively. We at Data Design are thrilled to back them in this journey and anticipate our continued partnership in actualizing their data strategy.


3 months


Content sales, media sales, marketing, content production, customer experience



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