Data Strategy for
a Health Technology Group: Driving Business Transformation

Publicly listed health technology group

The Data Strategy project empowered the health technology group to harness data and AI, driving growth and innovation in their solution offerings. As a result, the company gained improved business performance, more efficient processes, and a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Starting Point

Eager to harness the power of data and enhance its information management practice, a health technology group embarked on a journey to transform its business from product-oriented to solution-driven.

Data Strategy Project

We launched  a Data Strategy project, focusing on key value-creation areas and potential changes in business processes. With three primary objectives—business performance improvement, product enhancement, and product-to-solution business transformation—the project set the stage for the company’s growth.

Business Performance Management

During the project, we identified several development opportunities in business performance management. By leveraging data, the company aimed to improve sales forecasts, enhance customer understanding, boost revenue generation, optimize spare parts forecasting, streamline inventory management, refine financial reporting, bolster demand forecasting, strengthen capital management, and advance customer credit analysis.

AI-powered Solutions For Business Transformation

Another critical aspect of the project was the development of AI-powered solutions for business transformation. The company explored clinical decision support tools, AI-driven disease management systems, and patient self-management applications to transform the healthcare experience. By mining clinical data, the health technology group sought to provide valuable insights to third parties such as insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and managed care organizations, further expanding its solution offerings.

AI in Products

Lastly, the project emphasized product improvements. The company focused on identifying existing problems and potential automation opportunities, customizing solutions for different customer segments and clinical settings. The team recognized the complexities of patient journeys managed by clinicians and implemented autonomous disease detection capabilities using AI to enhance their products further.


The Data Strategy project successfully reinforced the health technology group’s commitment to harnessing data and AI for business transformation. With a clear roadmap, the company is now well-equipped to drive growth, improve processes, and deliver innovative, data-driven solutions in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.


6 months


Publicly listed health technology group


Business performance management, Solution to Business Transformation, Product Improvements



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