Strengthening Data Governance for Improved Supply Chain Operations

Large Utility Company

The project addressed critical challenges in the organization’s reporting and analytics solution, resulting in improved data architecture, reporting solutions, and data governance. Through a comprehensive supply chain compliance audit, the organization gained enhanced visibility, accountability, and data quality, mitigating over €10 million in potential risks and strengthening long-term competitiveness in the market.

Starting Point

The organization faced numerous challenges with their existing reporting and analytics solution, such as data quality, visibility, and scalability issues. These difficulties led to a lack of trust in the data and solution, making it hard to identify the root causes of errors. As a result, the customer had to invest significant manual effort to detect and rectify these errors, causing frustration and mistrust between business and IT stakeholders.

Project Overview

The project began with interviews of both IT and business stakeholders to evaluate the current situation. A comprehensive analysis of the data supply chain followed, focusing on reports and documentation to identify the most critical issues and provide appropriate recommendations for resolution.

Through this in-depth analysis, we identified the most significant bottlenecks and their root causes. Based on these insights, we suggested improvements in data architecture, reporting solutions, and data governance, along with guidance on implementing these recommendations within a strategic roadmap.

Business Benefits

The supply chain compliance (SCC) audit yielded substantial business benefits by offering the organization a clear understanding of their processes and information flows. The audit’s findings led to a new holistic design proposal that improved visibility, accountability, and data quality throughout the supply chain. 


Consequently, the findings helped the organization to mitigate over €10 million in potential risks related to their distribution obligation reporting. The SCC audit also facilitated the design of data governance roles, standards, and processes, strengthening the organization’s ability to manage and maintain compliant supply chain operations. These enhancements ultimately contributed to the organization’s overall efficiency, risk management, and long-term competitiveness in the market.


3 months


Large Utility Company


Supply Chain



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