Learn how Fastems, FinnSonic and Kemppi benefited from the program.

Data Design teamed up with the Teknologiateollisuus, Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network (FAMN) and Silo.AI to roll out a targeted Data & AI Accelerator program for three industrial players. Our robust NPS score serves as a strong endorsement of both program efficacy and participant satisfaction.

What is Data & AI Accelerator?

Designed for both big and small companies, the Data & AI Accelerator Program makes the world of Data and AI easy to understand. It turns possible problems into real business chances through fun, interactive, expert-led sessions.


In a span of 1-2 months, participants take part in five hands-on workshops. Our seasoned consultants illustrate the ways in which Data and AI can enhance a business’s value. Collectively, we pinpoint the most promising opportunities, prioritize them, and ensure they align with a company’s objectives. The Accelerator offers clarity, guiding participants on how to capitalize on beneficial opportunities while avoiding pitfalls.

Each workshop is a balanced mix of theory and application. The sessions kick off with an introduction to the day’s theme, where participants deepen their understanding through tangible examples and compelling demonstrations. Post-lunch, participants immerse themselves in hands-on activities, applying the morning’s learnings to real business challenges, all while being mentored by our experienced consultants. 

In the last three years, over 100 companies and 2000 people have joined the accelerator program. Together, we've come up with more than 5000 ways to use data and AI. These numbers speak volumes, but we're not resting on our laurels. The journey continues.

Data and AI advisor
Jaakko Mattila presenting potential for Data and AI in the Industrial Environment

Data Design's Collaborative Program with FAMN

Sometimes we also partner with ecosystems such as Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network (FAMN), KIRAHub, or AI-TIE to deliver the program to a wider audience and group of companies from a similar industry. It has been proven that learning from peer companies in a collaborative environment accelerates understanding, fosters innovation, and often leads to more effective implementation of data and AI initiatives.

In June 2023, we initiated an accelerator batch tailored for the industrial companies. The FAMN Accelerator aimed to help industrial companies harness data and AI to boost their business.

Targeted at companies new to this domain or those looking to broaden their data and AI expertise, the program equipped participants with essential insights. The emphasis was on practical business applications rather than in-depth tech details. Companies collaborated with experts, participated in workshops, and interacted with peers, applying new insights and tools to their projects.

With an NPS score of 67, we’ve clearly struck a chord. But don’t get too comfy—we’re just getting started. Room for improvement? Always. Stay tuned for what’s next.

Spotlight on Participating Companies

In this accelerator period, we collaborated with three industry leaders: 

  • Fastems from the CNC domain,
  • FinnSonic specializing in inspection and cleaning solutions, and
  • Kemppi, a pioneer in arc welding.


The companies emphasized AI’s role in predictive maintenance and enhancing customer relationships, each brought unique operational nuances — from CNC automation, real-time dashboard creation, to optimizing SMD-line setups in welding.


2 months


Eye-opening trip to the world of data and AI.

Very informative and interesting topics. All the presenters were clearly professionals at what they do.

I liked the peer discussions with other manufacturing companies. Real world examples and use-cases were good.

Thank you for the event. It did give our company a good starting point to start utilizing our data more for future looking insights compared to traditional backwards looking analytics.

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