Unleashing the Power of Data: Driving Smart Solutions in Electricity Management

A prominent European electricity network company embarked on a journey to integrate AI into their business, setting a new standard in strategic AI exploration. Committed to leading the sector’s digital transformation, they envisioned AI as a catalyst for innovation, operational efficiency, and sustainable growth.

The Challenge

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, the management recognized AI as a crucial part of their roadmap. Yet, they faced a hurdle: lack of in-house expertise to facilitate the ideation process. 


Their aim was not just to harness AI for enhancing operations, but to gain strategic insights, improve efficiency, and secure a competitive edge. In this context, they needed external help to transform their AI aspirations into actionable strategies.

The Solution: Data & AI Accelerator

Over five intensive days, Data Design’s Data and AI Accelerator guided the company through AI’s potential applications.


This project, attended by 20 participants from the client side, provided in-depth exploration and understanding of AI’s benefits, laying the foundation for future application. The focus was on empowering informed decision-making, exploring competitive advantages, and preparing for technological shifts.

Program Structure

The program was structured as a comprehensive, multi-day event, focusing on AI and data in business contexts. Each day was dedicated to different aspects, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications and workshops, offering a robust, immersive learning experience.

Boardroom Impact

The program’s insights were crucial in a board meeting, securing funding for AI PoCs. This underscored the project’s effectiveness in demonstrating AI’s strategic value and its role in driving business improvements.

Participant Feedback

Participants lauded the program for its insightful, high-quality training. The structured approach was instrumental in formulating strategies and comprehending AI’s business applications, underscoring AI’s practical benefits in the business realm.

A comprehensive, extensive set with a significant time investment. In my opinion, the most impressive aspect was the overall structuring, the clarity of templates, and the working models, which significantly aided our progress in planning work.


This case study highlights the strategic value of management consulting in AI, showcasing how a well-orchestrated exploration phase can garner substantial support for future technological advancements, steering innovation in the business world.

  • Calendar time 1.5 months
  • Five full-day workshop days

Prominent European electricity network company


Asset Management, Network Operations, Business Development


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