Innovating Intellectual Property: AI in Patent Portfolio Management

The client has invested over 100 billion euros in R&D since 2000, and its patent portfolio contains around 20000 patent families. The company was looking to understand how AI could be used to improve its operations in patent portfolio management.

AI can improve efficiency and accuracy in patenting processes, accelerate the patenting process, reduce costs, and provide valuable insights to support decision-making. Utilizing AI in patenting processes can help companies gain a competitive advantage by protecting their intellectual property more effectively and developing new products and services faster.​

Data & AI Value Creation Training Program

The training program was designed to educate key employees (over 300) on the fundamentals of AI, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to effectively implement AI-driven solutions in their work.

Exploring AI Opportunities in Patenting

A series of workshops were conducted to explore potential automation and AI applications in Patent Portfolio Management, encompassing areas such as patent administration, portfolio management, patent attorneys, technical analysis, and patenting solutions.


During the workshops, more than 140 use cases were identified and prioritized. These use cases were categorized based on their technological capabilities, including AI, automation, RPA, and process improvement. Approximately 20 AI use cases were elaborated upon in greater detail.


The client expressed satisfaction with the program’s delivery and plans to utilize similar workshop methodologies for future ideation and innovation processes.


4 months


Multinational telecommunications and information technology company


Patent administration, portfolio management, technical analysis



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