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Data Design’s expertise in AI-powered product development and strategic transformation enabled the multinational company to scale up their AI capabilities, resulting in accelerated innovation and increased operational efficiency. The company is now well-positioned to remain competitive and adapt to evolving market demands and technological advancements.


In today’s fast-paced world, AI has become an integral part of numerous industries. AI-powered products and machines hold the potential to revolutionize various sectors, including those focused on resource extraction and processing, transforming the way we work and live.


At the forefront of AI innovation, Data Design assists businesses in enhancing their core products across diverse sectors. This case study showcases how we supported a multinational company in scaling up the development and deployment of AI-powered products and services.

Strategic Transformation and AI Roadmap

The multinational company had already conducted technical feasibility studies and developed product prototypes, but the larger-scale adoption of AI was slowed down due to their limited expertise in the field. They sought a strategic transformation to enhance their AI capabilities. 


We employed a two-phase approach, focusing on identifying AI product ideas and opportunities (WP1) and building an effective operating model (WP2).

Work Package 1 - Strategic AI Integration: From Idea Generation to Impactful Innovation

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Qualified opportunities
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High-impact use cases
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Utilizing our proprietary AI identification framework, we devised a strategy that unearthed over 500 potential product ideas across four client divisions.

Through targeted workshops involving top executives and operational experts, we aligned on strategic goals and streamlined the development process into cohesive technical groups. This collaborative approach led to the shortlisting of 60 high-impact use cases, which were further segmented into incremental, intermediate, and transformational categories based on their potential business impact, market fit, and technological feasibility.

A multi-layered approach for AI use case identification.

The result was a future-proof AI innovation portfolio, guided by our approach, that not only adopted AI but integrated innovation at every level, leveraging existing capabilities to forge a path forward.

Work Package 2 - Redefining the AI Operating Model: Analysis, Insights, and Recommendations for Enhanced Innovation

The WP2 phase initiated a deep dive into the company’s existing AI operating model. This involved stakeholder interviews to understand the SWOT characteristics of the current system. The insights from these interviews were subsequently structured into specific requirements for each element of an optimized AI Operating Model.


The AI Operating Model of a company defines the organizational structures & processes for AI led innovation and management e.g.

Strategic Frameworks

E.g. How will new ideas be identified, conceptualized, and managed? What are the criteria and decision-making processes for selecting and allocating resources to innovative projects?

Organizational Structure & Roles

E.g. How will the organization be structured to promote, support, and integrate innovations? What approach will be taken to develop in-house AI expertise and capability?

Financial & Resource

E.g. How will AI initiatives be budgeted, funded, and financially managed? How will resources, both human and material, be planned and allocated to AI and innovation projects?

Communication & Cultural Transformation

E.g. How will a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking be cultivated and sustained within the organization?

The key finding was the necessity for substantial changes to the existing traditional operating model to successfully implement AI-driven products and features. A set of calibrated recommendations was formulated for each element of the AI Operating Model, guided not only by the newly identified requirements but also influenced by industry best practices and experiences from similar projects. The aim is to provide a more effective and agile framework for the realization of AI initiatives within the business.


Through our comprehensive approach, Data Design successfully supported the client in their strategic transformation journey by identifying and prioritizing AI product ideas, analyzing their current state, and proposing a target state operating model to enable the development and deployment of AI-powered products and services. 


Equipped with a clear AI roadmap, the client is not only poised to enhance their core offerings but is also prepared to navigate future technological shifts.


8 months


Multi-billion Global Engineering Company


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