Tia Rautio joins Data Design as the CMO

Tia Rautio joins Data Design as the CMO

Welcoming Tia Rautio - New Brand & Marketing Director

Data Design Oy is pleased to welcome Tia Rautio as the new Brand and Marketing Director!

With her extensive experience in marketing and brand development spanning over 20 years, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team.


Prior to joining Data Design, Tia served at Vincit Plc, a renowned technology company, and several years at Bilot Plc, where she played a crucial role in developing and executing successful marketing strategies in an international setting.

Aligning Marketing with Vision, Values & Strategic Goals

One of Tia’s key responsibilities will be to ensure that all our marketing aligns with our company’s vision and values.


She will work closely with our executive team to understand our strategic priorities and ensure our messaging is consistent with these goals.

Strengthening Customer Relationships & Driving Growth

By aligning our marketing efforts with our company’s core values, we can build stronger relationships with our customers and create a more meaningful impact in the marketplace so that our brand remains relevant and top-of-mind for our customers.


We are thrilled to have Tia on board as we continue to expand our business and enhance our brand presence. Her skills and experience will undoubtedly contribute to our continued growth and success.


(She is passionate about driving growth and pushing boundaries – we are excited to see where her vision will take us.)

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