The Birth of Data Design Oy

The Birth of Data Design Oy

Introducing Data Design Oy: Transforming Businesses with Data

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Data Design Oy, a company dedicated to helping organizations achieve meaningful and positive changes in their businesses through data.

Data Design provides a comprehensive suite of management consulting services, empowering businesses to leverage data effectively. Our expertise lies in crafting Data & AI Strategies, establishing Data Governance principles and practices, and building robust Data Management capabilities – areas in which we have a proven track record.

The birth of Data Design – A brief history of time


The Founding of Bilot Oyj

Rewinding a bit, Toni Haapakoski co-founded Bilot, a software and ICT services company, in 2005. Over the years, Bilot grew to over 200 employees with a revenue of 27 million euros. After going public in 2020, Bilot eventually merged with Vincit Oyj in 2022. Toni played crucial roles in the company, from leading the data business to spearheading internationalization and serving on the board of directors.


The Emergence of Louhia Analytics Oy

In 2016, Mika Aho co-founded Louhia Analytics, one of Finland’s pioneer AI companies. Within two years, Louhia became a significant market player, employing over ten professionals and generating over 1M€ in revenue. The AI landscape was quite different back then.


The Merger and Advent of Advisory Services

In 2018, Louhia Analytics merged with Bilot. Mika led the development of a new Advisory business for Bilot, targeting customers and C-level executives with strategic offerings and elevating Bilot’s position in the consulting value chain. Toni and other senior advisors joined the team.

Despite initial challenges, Data Strategy emerged as a highly successful service concept. Over the years, the team delivered data strategies to numerous customers across finance, insurance, hospitality, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing industri


A Momentary Pause

Between 2020 and 2021, Mika and Toni took a break. After 16 years with Bilot and a five-year intensive journey for Mika, they pursued other opportunities. Toni founded a new company and freelanced for a year, while Mika joined Silo.AI, the largest private AI lab in the Nordics, to gain a deeper understanding of applying AI to complex business problems.


The Birth of Data Design Oy

In 2022, the idea of founding a company solely focused on management consulting matured. Acting as an objective advisor can be challenging when the company also undertakes implementation projects.

Data Design commenced operations, embarking on a mission to help organizations make meaningful and positive changes to their businesses with data, ensuring growth, competitiveness, and success. Time will reveal if Data Design surpasses Bilot financially, but our ambitions for this journey are incredibly high.

We are excited about what lies ahead for us at Data Design, and we invite you to join us on this journey! Stay tuned, and let us help you harness the power of data.

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