Introducing Data Design CoPilot

Introducing Data Design CoPilot

We would like to take the wraps off our shiny new service – Data Design CoPilot. Historically, Innovation Portfolios or Data/AI strategies are created using different workshopping and brainstorming methodologies. Few companies, however, don’t rely on a structured and tailored approach and straight away take the dive into implementing use cases – use cases that are inspired by other industries or competitors. Such initiatives mostly don’t realize any value after a few months of product development – a waste of resources and human capacity.

McKinsey Research has published research showing more than 40%  performance improvement in companies that leverage structured principles to create their AI/Data strategy or innovation portfolio. The process of creating such a strategy or portfolio is however slow and costly, with teams of consultants working with internal stakeholders in this journey.

This is where Data Design CoPilot shines – it follows the industry’s best practices for creating your Innovation Portfolio or Data/AI Strategy; at a fraction of the cost and a speed unmatched by any other, leading to at least 10x productivity improvements.

We would like to now invite those trailblazers who would be early adopters of our CoPilot service. These are people who are driven by innovation and willing to break the existing boundaries, people who are not hesitant to give feedback, can call dime a dime, and play a constructive role in defining further direction of our service.

Please give your contact details at our website or book a short demo if you are interested in trying out this service. We will try our utmost to respond by the earliest depending on the demand – this filtering and selection process is still done by us humans ;).

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