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Generative AI Accelerator - Winter 2024 Batch

Are you finding it challenging to pinpoint key areas in your organization where Generative AI could drive transformative change and unlock new opportunities?

With untapped GenAI capabilities and a myriad of unrealized opportunities, creating a focused and effective roadmap for implementation is a complex task.


GenAI Accelerator Winter 2024 Batch kicks off in January

Designed for both big and small companies, the GenAI Accelerator makes generative AI easy to understand in business. It turns possible problems into real business chances through fun, interactive, expert-led sessions.

The GenAI Accelerator is an immersive, five-week program meticulously engineered to empower your teams with the crucial skills, frameworks, and strategic insights required to leverage GenAI effectively. Read more!


Our GenAI Accelerator is priced at 5000€ per organization. This cost includes participation for one team, which should consist of 2-5 individuals focused on the same areas of interest and use cases.

Do you have questions?

Our experts are eager to assist. Whether you’re curious about the program specifics or wondering how GenAI can fit into your business strategy, we’re just a message away. Don’t hesitate to reach out for personalized guidance and insights.

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Our GenAI experts will be in contact with you and elaborate more on the details. This is your step towards transforming your organization’s approach to generative AI without any immediate commitments. Don’t miss the preliminary insight that could drive your organization forward.

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