Unlock the power of LLM's and create your Innovation Portfolio or Data/AI Strategy

What is Data Design CoPilot?

Data Design CoPilot helps you discover, ideate and create your unique innovation portfolio using our tested framework.


It combines the power of generative AI with elements of gamification to enable independent and engaging innovation portfolio or Data/AI strategy creation.

What can Data Design CoPilot help you achieve?

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    Unlock the power of LLM's and create your unique Innovation Portfolio

    Multi-Player Gamification for creating your Innovation Portfolio

    How can I leverage LLMs to build an engaging Innovation Portfolio with my team, guided by a proven methodology?

    In just few hours, Data Design CoPilot, helps you build an AI innovation portfolio using our structured workshopping methodology. It simplifies the world of Data and AI, turning potential challenges into tangible business opportunities through engaging, CoPilot led session.

    Data Design CoPilot follows our proven innovation framework

    Develop Strategic Insights

    Data Design CoPilot develops insights related to your business strategy from your company background data.

    Plan Missions

    Data Design CoPilot swiftly crafts missions to boost your strategic-aligned innovation portfolio.

    Build Your Innovation Portfolio

    Data Design CoPilot allows multi-player games per mission to build a strategic innovation portfolio.

    Define Your Innovation Roadmap

    Data Design CoPilot helps to segment and prioritize your innovation portfolio.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Overview of Data Design CoPilot

    What is Data Design CoPilot?

    Data Design CoPilot is a state-of-the-art digital platform that leverages Generative AI to facilitate the development of innovation portfolios and AI & data strategies for businesses. This platform is designed to democratize the process of innovation and strategy development in AI and data, making these tools accessible to a wide range of businesses, including small enterprises.

    What problem are you trying to solve with Data Design CoPilot?

    Many organizations struggle to develop cost-effective innovation portfolios and AI/data strategies, often relying on external consultants, hindering their ability to harness the full potential of data-driven insights and implement a structured methodology for creating and managing their innovation portfolio.


    Our solution, powered by generative AI, combines the efficiency of "consulting on steroids" with elements of gamification, enabling organizations to independently create, adapt, and manage their AI and data strategies while making the process engaging and structured.

    Benefits and Use-Cases

    How does Data Design CoPilot benefit businesses?

    The platform streamlines the complex process of creating innovation portfolios and formulating AI/data strategies, enabling businesses to overcome traditional barriers in these areas. By merging industry expertise with cutting-edge technology, Data Design CoPilot equips clients to stay at the forefront of the AI revolution, offering a digitized and efficient approach to innovation and strategy development.

    Can Data Design CoPilot help my business if we're new to AI?

    Absolutely! Data Design CoPilot is designed to guide businesses at any stage of their AI journey. Whether you're just starting or looking to enhance your existing AI capabilities, our platform can provide the necessary tools and insights to navigate the process smoothly.

    What industries can benefit from using Data Design CoPilot?

    Our platform is versatile and can benefit a wide range of industries looking to embrace data and AI. From finance to healthcare, retail to manufacturing, Data Design CoPilot is equipped to adapt to various industry needs and facilitate AI integration tailored to your specific business challenges.

    Operational Details and Requirements

    How does it work?

    Data Design CoPilot combines Generative AI with years of industry expertise, creating a powerful digital ecosystem. 


    It is based on our proprietary framework for building innovation portfolios and data/AI strategies, proven to be successful in tens of small and large enterprises.

    What capabilities are needed from our side to use Data Design Copilot?

    Depending on the scope of the innovation strategy, we expect stakeholders from business, service and/or process design to participate in the projects lead by Data Design CoPilot. These stakeholders should bring in their expertise in business and product strategy, service and process design.

    Why do we need to bring our own OpenAI ChatGPT API key?

    We are now seeking early adopters for the community edition of our beta service. In this community edition, our customers have the flexibility to bring their own ChatGPT API key and control usage from OpenAI itself. They can use our CoPilot without any limitations to the usage.

    Comparison with Traditional Services

    How does Data Design CoPilot differ from traditional management consulting services?

    Unlike traditional consulting services, Data Design CoPilot provides a holistic digital solution for facilitating management consulting projects aiming at building an innovation portfolio or data/AI strategy.


    Our platform offers a seamless transition, bridging the gap between extensive data and AI project knowledge and the execution of digital strategies.

    Is your CoPilot replacing the need for consultants?

    CoPilot can either be used independently or in conjunction with a consultant. The CoPilot is designed to follow our industry leading methodology and is trained to perform as a facilitator with cross-industry expertise. You can also use the CoPilot to create content that you may then review and edit.

    Privacy, Security, and Technical Information

    What happens to my data? Is it shared with some other organizations?

    Your data is not shared with any 3rd party, except injecting it in prompts that are sent to OpenAI. All data at rest and in motion is encrypted. Further details about OpenAI privacy policy are mentioned here:

    Which version of ChatGPT do you use?
    This version of CoPilot is trained to work best with gpt-4-1106-preview. We are however continuously testing with other foundation LLM models.
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