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CEO, Senior Advisor, Dr. Sc. (Tech.)



Mika’s experience spans around 20 years in information management, data warehousing, business intelligence, AI, digital transformation, implementing AI & data strategies, and fostering data-driven business development. Mika has worked as a consultant, architect, business leader, and entrepreneur at his best in the crossroads of data, technology, and business.


Mika is fascinated by ideas and passionate about improving organizations with data. At its simplest, it can be process improvement and optimization or digital customer experience, but at best, monetizing the data and reinventing business models, products, or services. He is a goal-oriented, optimistic, forward-looking person who always thinks about the big picture and finds business cases before going to technical details. Everything is possible attitude is his way of building success.


Mika has recently worked in the health tech, process, retail, finance, and manufacturing industries in multi-billion companies building and operationalizing data & AI strategies to optimize processes, drive customer experience and business growth.

Mika's Recent Projects

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